To river into the pleasure

Rafting in TYrol

Being on the way together. Waves, rollers, breakers and rocks. Thrilling experiences. Let yourself be carried away by the water.


No tame Waters: The lively Ötztaler Ache and the Inn with its unique gorge landscape. Beautiful white water everywhere.


Everyone from the age of 10 (on kids' sections from the age of 6) will find their safe place in the rafts. Families and calmer natures choose easy tours, adventurers with a passion for bravery and adrenaline take the heavenly hell rides. No matter how, no matter where: the experience will put a smile on your face that will stay with you until the end of days. That's our promise.




Erw. 56,- p.P. / Jug. (10-16 Jahre) EUR 46,- p.P.
from € 68,-

Blue Water Classic

Pure action & nature. The famous Imster Gorge is not without reason Europe's most popular wild water route! Imposing waves, impressive rapids and massive rollers make every rafter's heart beat faster. The water-rich river Inn also offers ideal conditions for rafting beginners and every outdoor enthusiast. This tour is more than an adventure, it is a nature experience of a special kind!

Location: Imster Gorge
Distance: 14 km
Duration: 3 h
from € 78,-

Blue Water Power Raft

More power. More fun. This adventurous tour through the breathtaking scenery of the Imst Gorge is 100% pure white water adventure. This tour uses power rafts (small boats for 6 people), which provide even more fun and action due to their maneuverability. An exclusive experience with intense white water for sporty rafters. Welcome on boat!

Location: Imster Gorge
Distance: 14 km
Duration: 3 h
from € 87,-

White Water Ötztaler Ache

Full power ahead. You've already conquered your inner pig often, you're fit and you're capable of more than just climbing stairs? Then this high-class rafting tour will be an unforgettable experience for you! The royal section for experienced and professional rafters awaits you: The Ötztaler Ache.

Foaming rollers, thundering waves and high water speeds promise pure river rafting. Challenge accepted!

Location: Ötztaler Ache
Distance: 13 km
Duration: 2,5 h
from € 87,-

White Water Rodeo

You are looking for the ultimate adrenaline kick and want to put your rafting skills to the test? Then our White Water Rodeo is just the thing for you. In small mini rafts for 2-4 people you will experience the river in a completely new dimension. You are the captain and have to navigate your team safely through the Imst gorge. This white-water adventure demands the highest concentration and quick reactions as you master the waves and challenges of the Imst gorge. Be brave and feel the thrill at this river adventure. Our experienced guides will accompany you in the safety kayak and offer maximum support.

Location: Imster Schlucht
Distance: 14 km
Duration: 3 h
Best price guarantee
for groups and youth prices on request!


All prices incl. transfer from the raft base Haiming.
Duration: The times refer to the entire sports experience (each activity incl. transfers, changing, safety talk) and are dependent on the water level!



If you are passionate about rafting:


Day adventure rafting of the super class. First a full training session then setting off into a new dimension of fun and adventure. White water levels up to 4 await you - the wildest you can go on a raft.

Hissing rushing, white foaming devil water, jagged rocks ... the others will think you are crazy. Who cares: as soon as you set off, the adrenaline slams unrestrained enthusiasm into your brain. Wide grins in the boat.

The experiences and memories of rafting make up for everything. No one can take them away from you!

  • 1x Blue Water classic
  • 1x White Water professional

EUR 139,- pp

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  • 1x Blue Water Power-Raft
  • 1x White Water professional

EUR 147,- pp

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  • 1x Blue Water Classic
  • 1x Day-Entrance Water Park Area 47

EUR 81,- pp

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Classic Rafting Tours:
The Classic Rafting tours are ideal for rafting beginners. Prerequisites are swimming ability, physical health, no alcohol, no drugs.
Minimum age: 10 years (up to 14 years only when accompanied).

Professional Rafting Tour:
For the Professional Rafting Tours, the same basic requirements apply as for the Classic Tours, but you also need a basic athletic condition and rafting experience.
Minimum age: 14 years


SAFETY - Safety Precautions for Professional Rafting

2 state-certified guides per boat or safety kayak escort


  • senior guides with many years of experience
  • max. 6-7 guests per boat
  • only for guests with rafting experience

(e.g. training tour on the Inn river or similar)

Questions about rafting?

Where is the exact meeting point for the outdoor activity like rafting in Tyrol?
Our raft base is located in Haiming at the valley entrance of the Ötztal directly on the banks of the Inn River.
Address Feelfree Raftbase: Magerbach 6, 6425 Haiming, Tyrol, Austria.

How long is one on the river during a rafting tour in Tyrol?
Depending on the water level, a rafting tour takes about 1.5 hours. For changing clothes, instructions from the guide and the shuttle to the start of the tour, an additional 1 to 1.5 hours should be planned.

How cold is the water, will I freeze?
Depending on the season and the weather, the water temperature of the Inn/the Ötztaler Ache is about 10 degrees. When canyoning, the water in the gorges has about 5 degrees. Each participant receives a 5-15cm thick neoprene suit during a rafting/canyoning tour, this keeps the body warm and you do not freeze so quickly.

Does the outdoor activity rafting in Tyrol also take place in the rain and when is the tour cancelled?
Rain does not affect the rafting tour, so it can take place as planned. You will get wet while rafting anyway. We only have to cancel the tour if the Inn River or the Ötztaler Ache is in flood or if there is severe thunderstorm.

Is the rafting tour in Tyrol interesting for beginners and is previous knowledge necessary?
For the rafting tour Blue Water Classic and Blue Water Power Raft no previous knowledge is necessary. These tours are just right for beginners. Imposing waves, impressive rapids and massive rollers make every rafter's heart beat faster.

For which rafting tour in Tyrol is previous knowledge necessary?
Due to the white water level (IV+ of V), rafting experience is required for the White Water Professional Ötztaler Ache. Those who have already completed the Blue Water Classic or Blue Water PowerRaft rafting tour can apply their experience on the White Water Professional Ötztaler Ache.

Are drinks allowed to be taken on the outdoor activity rafting?
Drinks are not allowed on the boat, and there is no time for them during the tour. At our
Raft base drinks can be bought after the rafting tour and in our cozy guest garden you are welcome to stay.

On an active vacation like rafting is the boatman/guide also on the boat?
On every rafting boat there is at least one boatman/guide, who also guides you safely through the white water on the Inn or the Ötztaler Ache. On some tours there is an additional guide on a safety kayak to ensure your safety.

If you have any questions that are not listed here, please contact us by mail or call us (+43 5252 6035).