Climbing mountains

Who climbs can also let himself fall sometimes

With us you can learn to climb - on one of the via ferratas or in the climbing garden high above the Inn, conquer eternal ice and swing through the air. Just come along and put a smile on your face that will probably stay with you for decades ...


EUR 75,-


Have you ever been inside a mountain? You can experience this adventure with us in the historical tunnel, which once should have been a hydroelectric power station. You will discover the remains of old buildings and maybe even a bat or two. The highlight is the descent in the 350 meter long and very steep tunnel. Equipped with the best equipment and most importantly a headlamp to illuminate the absolute darkness.

Duration: 2,5-3 h
EUR 70,-


Numerous via ferrata routes in the Ötztal and the surrounding area offer an ideal introduction to the fascinating world of climbing when accompanied by experienced climbing guides. Surefootedness at various altitudes between rock and waterfall is required.

An unforgettable experience with goose bumps feeling for free.

Duration: 2,5-3 h
EUR 85,-


Guided mountain tours into the eternal ice with spectacular glacier breaks and narrow glacier crevasses provide unforgettable moments. Equipped with harness & crampons and guided by a well trained mountain guide you will experience the bizarre world of the glaciers.

Duration: 4,5-6 h
EUR 42,-


Thrills, excitement, self-confidence - the range of experiences that can be experienced in a high ropes course is almost inexhaustible. Combined with the unique mountain world of the Ötztal Alps and the natural environment of a forest, incomparable personal nature experiences can be created.

Duration: 3-3,5 h

All prices incl. guide, equipment and partly transfer


Unlimited water fun at Area 47

The water park of AREA 47 is the ultimate playground for adults

Not far from Oetz and from feelfree - Outdoor Professionals you will find the Water Area47 on the 47th parallel. 20.000 m2 of unlimited water fun with slides, high diving and much more. Here you don't bathe and splash around, but blob, climb, slide and jump at full speed. Not a bathing lake for non-swimmers and toddlers, but the most versatile water park far and wide.


EUR 30,-

WATER AREA - Swimming in the AREA 47

The Water Area in Area 47 - right in the neighborhood of feelfree - presents probably the sportiest 20,000 m2 in the world: a swimming lake including a waterslide park with dizzyingly high wet slides, a diving tower and water trampolines, a Venice Beach-style gym, as well as beach volleyball, beach soccer and basketball courts.

Those who want to dare a spectacular maneuver dare to try the overhanging boulder rocks in the water, balance over the "slackline", or attempt the most creative stunt possible with skis, snowboard or bike from the water jump ramp into the cool water.

EUR 30,-


Adrenalin junkies know: it's high in the AREA 47 - and sometimes steeply down... Directly above the roof of the Event AREA is the entrance to a speed rope slide. The intrepid fly over the 7,000 m² Water AREA at full speed on the Flying Fox and enjoy a bird's eye view of the giant slide, diving tower & co.

What has long enjoyed cult status among the "wild dogs" of the Tyrolean outdoor scene is given a perfect sporting staging with the "Mega Swing" of AREA 47: suspended from a rope, airy visitors swing from bridge pier to bridge pier from a height of 30 meters. An incomparable kick in a class of its own!

EUR 49,-

high rope course incl. water area in the AREA47

Stairway to heaven! The high rope Course of AREA 47 sets completely new standards in terms of overcoming and dexterity. An electrifying experience. It doesn't take much to feel like newborn. Seat harness, chest harness, climbing helmet, sturdy shoes. And not to forget one little thing - 27 (!) meters of free height. Including free admission to the 20,000 m2 Water Area with dizzyingly high wet slides, a diving tower and water trampolines, a Venice Beach-style gym, and beach volleyball, beach soccer and basketball courts.