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FAQ - questions and answers about rafting and canyoning

If you still have questions that are not listed here, please contact us by mail or call us (+43 5252 6035).

Questions about rafting

Where is the exact meeting place for outdoor activities like rafting in Tyrol?
Our raft base is located in Haiming at the entrance to the Ötztal directly on the banks of the Inn.
Address Feelfree Raftbasis: Magerbach 6, 6425 Haiming, Tyrol, Austria

How long is a river rafting trip in Tyrol?
Depending on the water level, a rafting tour takes about 1.5 hours. For the removal, the instructions from the guide and the shuttle to start the tour are additional 1 to 1.5 hours to plan.

How cold is the water, am I cold?
Depending on the season and the weather, the water temperature of the Inn / Ötztaler Ache is about 10 degrees. In canyoning, the water in the gorges has about 5 degrees.
Each participant receives a 5-15cm thick wetsuit during a rafting / canyoning tour, this keeps the body warm and you do not freeze so fast.

Does the Outdoor Activity Rafting take place in Tyrol during rainy weather and when will the tour be canceled?
Rain does not affect the rafting tour, so it can take place as planned. One gets wet when rafting one way or the other. We have to cancel the tour only if the Inn or the Ötztaler Ache floods or heavy storm (too strong thunderstorm) prevails.

Is the rafting tour in Tyrol interesting for beginners and does it require previous knowledge?
For the Rafting Tour Blue Water Classic and Blue Water Power Raft no prior knowledge is necessary. These tours are just the thing for beginners. Imposing waves, impressive rapids and powerful rollers make every rafter's heart beat faster.

Which rafting tour in Tyrol requires previous knowledge?
Due to the whitewater level (IV + from V) rafting experience is required for the White Water Professional Ötztaler Ache. Anyone who has already completed the rafting tour Blue Water Classic or Blue Water Power Raft can apply his experience on the White Water Professional Ötztaler Ache.

Can drinks be taken on the outdoor activity rafting?
Drinks are not allowed on the boat, there is no time during the tour. On our
Raft base can be bought after the rafting tour drinks. In our cozy garden invites you to linger.

On an active holiday like rafting, the skipper / guide is also on the boat?
On every rafting boat there is at least one boatman / guide who also guides you safely through the whitewater on the Inn or the Ötztaler Ache. In addition, on some tours, a skipper on a safety kayak pays attention to your safety.

Questions about canyoning

Where is the exact meeting point for an outdoor activity like canyoning in Tyrol?
Our canyoning base is located directly at our Feelfree Camp in Oetz.
Address Canyoning base Oetz: Piburgerstraße 6, 6433 Oetz, Tyrol, Austria

How long is the Canyoning in Tyrol in the gorge?
Depending on the canyoning tour you are about 3 hours in the gorge on the way. For the putting on of the equipment, safety instructions of the guide as well as the shuttle for the start of the tour additionally approx. 1 hour must be planned.

Do you have to jump in the canyoning tour in Austria if you do not dare?
Jumping is not a must on a canyoning tour. Any place that is jumped can also be roped off by the guide.

Questions General

Where do the guides come from for the outdoor rafting / canyoning programs and what experience do you have?
Our guides come from all over the world - from Austria to Australia. All guides undergo a state training and are allowed to lead tours only after a successful completion of the exam. In addition, our guides regularly train to always be up to date with the latest safety standards. Many of our guides have been working for us for many years and know your workplace (river and gorge) like the back of your hand.

What is the procedure for a rafting canyoning tour in Austria?
Each participant comes independently to the appropriate base / meeting place. When the group is complete, your guide will introduce you and give you a rough overview of the route. Then the security equipment is handed out, the changing rooms, the transfer to the entry point and the security meeting. Then rafting starts on the river (from Imst or Oetz to our Rafbasis in Haiming), where you then our showers and changing rooms are available again or the canyoning tour in the gorge (after the tour return by taxi to the canyoning base), where you then again our showers & changing rooms are available again.

When do you have to be on an active holiday like rafting / canyoning in Tyrol at the latest before the tour at Treffpunt?
It is sufficient if you appear at the meeting point 5 minutes before the tour.

What happens if you arrive late at the rafting / canyoning venue in Austria?
It all depends on how late you appear at the meeting point. Our guides are happy to accept a 5-minute delay and are still reasonable for the other participants. However, if it is later, you must book another appointment.

What has to be brought along for rafting / canyoning in Tyrol on clothing, sunscreen etc.?
You need a bikini / swimsuit or a swimming trunks, and possibly a towel and shower items, so you can shower if desired after the tour at our base. Face and hands are not protected from the sun.

Do you need a wetsuit for the outdoor activity rafting / canyoning in Tyrol?
Yes, the wetsuit protects the body from the cold of the water. Wetsuit, helmet, life jacket and neoprene shoes will be provided by our guides at the appropriate base before the start. There you will also find changing rooms and a possibility to deposit your personal belongings.

Do you get your money back if the rafting / canyoning tour is canceled or if I cancel you?
If the tour is canceled by our guides (for example, due to high water level), then you get the money back. Should you cancel the tour yourself, our cancellation terms apply.

Which cancellation rules apply to rafting / canyoning in Austria?
Resignation by the customer
You can withdraw from the trip at any time prior to departure. In your own interest and to avoid misunderstandings, we strongly recommend that you declare your withdrawal in writing. As a substitute for the travel arrangements and expenses, we can demand a percentage payment of the travel price, taking into account the following structure, depending on the proximity of the resignation date at the start of the journey:
(In any case, at least a processing fee of € 40, -)

3 to 1 month (s) before departure - 40%
30 to 7 days before departure - 70%
from 6 days before departure - 90%
Cancellation by non-arrival on the day of travel - 100%

What is the physical condition for rafting / canyoning in Austria?
In principle, all persons from the minimum age can take part in a rafting tour. Prerequisites are swimming skills, physical health, basic physical fitness, no alcohol, no drugs. Participants who have consumed alcohol or drugs before the tour are excluded from the tour for safety reasons.

From how many years can you participate in an outdoor activity like rafting / canyoning in Tyrol?
Children / adolescents may participate in the rafting / canyoning tour from 10 or 12 years old.

For which sizes are the wetsuits available for rafting / canyoning in Austria / Tyrol?
Any height can be covered with a wetsuit. These have an elastic material that can stretch. We have neoprene suits up to size XXXLarge.

What shoe sizes are available for rafting / canyoning tours?
Our shoes for rafting or canyoning tours reach up to size 48. Should you, however, need larger shoes, we can organize these for you in advance. Please give us this information when booking.

Are people who have a body weight of more than 100kg allowed to participate in rafting / canyoning tours in Tyrol?
In principle, there is no weight restriction. However, you should be so fit that you can move well and have a good basic condition. When rafting is about 1 hour on the water, here is full of body use required. Depending on the tour, the canyoning tours require 3-4 hours of physical activity. Here you have to climb, jump and wade through the water. Above all, stamina, endurance and sure-footedness are needed. Swimming skills are a prerequisite for rafting as well as canyoning.

May I participate in rafting / canyoning tours as a diabetic, asthmatic?
Even diabetics and asthmatics may participate in rafting and canyoning tours, as long as they see themselves beyond health. The guide carries a special box that can be used to store important medications. If necessary, the guide will hand you over.

How many guides and persons per group are on an active holiday with rafting / canyoning?
Depending on the group size and which tour is booked, there are 1-2 guides per tour. For canyoning tours the group size is between 6-12 people per tour. Rafting tours can take up to 10 people on a boat.

Are the rafting and canyoning tours in Tyrol to be booked / paid in advance?
If the tour is booked at short notice, that is about 2 hours before the start, then you can pay directly at the base. Otherwise the tours have to be paid in advance.

How can I get started from a rafting / canyoning tour in Austria?
From the respective base one drives together with the guide in a taxi to the entrance. The transfer is included in the price and is organized by us.

Can I participate in any rafting / canyoning tour, even if I have no prior knowledge?
You can also participate in basic tours such as Blue Water Classic / Blue Water Power Raft or Explorer Tour Sporty without previous knowledge. For the advanced tours such as White Water Professional Oetztaler Ache or the canyoning tours Short & Heavy, Ultimo and Ultimo XXL prior knowledge is urgently needed. For groups it is important that all participants have previous knowledge.

Is there a minimum number of participants for outdoor programs such as rafting / canyoning?
Rafting tours take place from a minimum of 6 participants. Canyoning tours require a minimum of 4 people for a tour. Gladly the guide can also be booked exclusively. For this the 4 or 6 person price has to be paid.

Are pregnant women allowed to go on rafting / canyoning tours in Austria?
In principle, this decision is up to each participant. However, participation in rafting or canyoning tours is generally not recommended for pregnant women, as there is a residual health risk associated with these tours, as with all outdoor activities. We take no responsibility if something should happen.

How often are the wetsuits washed after rafting / canyoning tours in Tyrol?
After each use, the wetsuits are cleaned by hand using a special disinfectant detergent.

Is there a chance to eat and drink after an outdoor activity like rafting / canyoning tour?
Right at our rafting base in Haiming there is a snack bar with plenty of outdoor seating to satisfy your hunger after the tour. Participants in the canyoning tours Explorer Tour Sporty, Ultimo and Ultimo XXL get a portion of cheese noodles after the toru.

Are there more rafting routes in Austria than the Inn or the Ötztaler Ache?
There are other places where a rafting tour is possible. The Imst region has the most popular rafting routes that make every rafter heart beat faster.

Please follow the instructions of our guides and enjoy your adventure with a clear head without alcohol or drugs.

Dein Feelfree Team