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We support Sertshang Orphanage Home

Sertshang Orphanage Home:
At the Sertshang Orphanage Home in Kathmandu, 48 children and teenagers, aged 5 to 17, found a loving and safe home. Most of them are orphans, who previously mainly experienced a life of famine, violence and neglect. Few of them were able to attend school.

The orphanage was founded by the tibetan physician Tashi Sertshang, who lived in Switzerland until 2007 and lives in Nepal today. His son, Choegyal Rinpoche is a mentor to the orphanage. The children are accomodated in two houses with a garden in a serene suburban quarter of Swoyambunath.

The orphanage is managed by two Tibetans, Tenzin Kuntshok, who completed studies in Buddhist philosophy and Methok Lama. Their little team is completed by the cook Tsewang and the two domestic helps Shanti and Mai. They all live together like an extended family, giving the children a feeling of warmth and safety.

Right from the start, they learn to take over responsibility for themselves and the community. The older children take care of the younger ones and they all give a hand in the household and gardening. The orphanage is fully funded by private donations - your support helps to improve their daily lives, their education and guarantee their long-term future perspectives.

Individual sponsorships

An individual sponsorships (40 Franks / 30€ monthly) covers the basic costs of living for one child. For school money, aquisitions and expansion of infrastructure, the association needs sponsors and additional donations. The children are taught english in school from early classes on and are happy about sponsors interested in a penfriendship via mail, building up a personal relationship with them and keeping track of the child‘s development.

For more information on sponsorship, you get happy about Bettina Kuprian (bettina@sertshang-orphanage.org)

Nonrecurring donation can also help a lot, as these examples show: 10 Franks / 7 € can buy 10 good torches, which are needed due to frequent power blackouts. 50 Franks / 35 € can supply all the children with underwear and socks and 70 € / 100 Franks will sponsor a day trip for all the orphanage.

Online Donations (Paypal)

The Ötzal sponsor child

All children have received from friends and feel free from the Ötztal a sponsorship.

The Feelfree sponsor child

Bhanu Chandra Ghati (geb. 1994)

Sponsorship: family Martha and Lois Amprosi (since 2005)

Bhanu comes from the remote and inaccessible region of Humla in Western Nepal on the Nepalese-Tibetan border. After the death of the father was her mother, a migrant worker, no longer in a position to accommodate him and his two younger siblings. Bhanu had the good fortune to be admitted in 2004 to Sertshang orphanage. He is a very lovable, humble and hardworking guy with a beautiful voice. A lengthy TB disease in 2008 it has been silent and thoughtful. Bhanu is a good student and could be transferred through the support of his foster family in Oetz at the prestigious Excelsior School in Kathmandu 2 years ago, which was named in 2011 as the best school in Nepal. This has inspired him enormously, 2013 he will make his primary school education, he dreams of becoming a pilot. In addition to music, natural science is one of his favorite subjects. In his spare time he enjoys playing soccer and basketball and helps a lot with the orphanage.

Dolma Sherpa (geb. 1994)

Sponsorship: family Monika Rieder-Amprosi (since 2005)

Dolma comes from the rural area and has lived since 2004 in Sindupalchok Sertshang children's home. It is one of the few children whose father and mother are still alive. The parents are totally destitute, both deaf and dumb and hinders the mother also. A school and an education would have been unattainable for Dolma. In her early days in the home she was sickly and sad, now she has grown into a pretty and vivacious girl who is happy to be part of the great Sertshang Orphanage family.
They visited together with most other SOH children to a nearby small private school and will make their 2013 primary school. Her favorite subjects are natural science and English. As a professional social worker or nurse goal she has in mind, at least they would later help other people. She is very happy to have the support of her foster family in Oetz the chances of a good education and training.

Sertshang Orphanage Association

In 2004, Sertshang Orphanage was officially recognized by the government of Nepal. In the same year, Sertshang Orphanage Association was founded in Switzerland with the goal of ensuring a sustainable future for the orphanage. Thanks to donations and sponsorships from Switzerland, Germany and Austria, where two daughter associations coordinate support for the orphanage, life and education of the children were improved continiously. The respective presidents of the associations in Switzerland and Austria visit the orphanage at least once a year. They consult the orphanage‘s director in pedagogical matters, controll the bookkeeping and ensure that all funds raised are used for the childrens‘ welfare. The associations are tax-exempted, i.e. donations to their accounts can be set off against taxes in these countries. All donations are exclusively used for the orphanage, all administration costs are covered by the respective boards of directors.

New Leadership

Lal Maya Taman, Methok Lama, Tenzing Kuntschok, Tsewang Rinzing, Shanti Rawal

Karma Tendar, who directed the orphanage in many years, moved to the United States in 2008. After an intermediate phase, Tibetan Tenzin Kuntschok has taken over the leadership. In 2009, he completed his studies of Buddhist philosophy in Kalimpong. In the monastery, he was based in during his studies, Tenzin Kuntschok had taken care of the jounger students.

Tibetan Methok Lama is the new matron. She has completed her education at a Tibetan institute in Dharamsala. The team also includes cook Tsewang Rinzing and Lal Maya Temang as well as Shanti Rawal who help in the household and in taking care of the children. Besides school, all children are taught music and dance by teachers Nelaj Tamang and Buddha Lama.
Teacher Laxman Phuyal takes care of the children doing their homework. His approach is an individual support both of the highly talented and the less performing children.

Lessons to the Tibetan children in Tibetan language, culture and religion are held by Buchung Tseling. Lawyer Suresh K.C. controls bookkeeping, represents the orphanage in all communication with the authorities and consults the director in legal matters.

Kontakt Österreich

Verein Sertshang Orphanage Home Österreich
c/o Bettina Kuprian

Himmelhofgasse 92/1/9
1130 Wien, Austria

Tel: 0043 – (0)699 – 11 29 89 96 (privat)
Email: bettina@sertshang-orphanage.org

Konto Verein Sertshang Orphanage Home Österreich
Bank Austria Konto-Nr. 512 618 096 01
Bankleitzahl 12000
IBAN AT10 1200 0512 6180 9601
BIC/Swift-code: BKAUATWW

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Webseite von Sertshang Orphanage Home oder erhalten Sie direkt von Bettina Kuprian (bettina@sertshang-orphanage.org)!